Brewery Blog

New Beer Release: Heaven Hill The IMP

If The IMP wasn't good enough we took some of the original batch and aged it in Heaven Hill Barrels for months. The results an amazing smooth Imperial Stout with alot of Bourbon characters.

New Beer Release: Steely IPA

This IPA has high amounts of late addition (fruit, citrus and grapefruit) styled hops. Then it is dry-hopped with earthy and resinous hops (7c's, centennial, cascade, Amarillo, falconers), lastly it's dry hopped with Apollo, 7c's and Columbus.

The Bitch Blonde has Returned!!!

Finally after weeks of waiting the Bitch Blonde is back on tap, just in time for the heat we call California winter. This one is a crowd pleaser and our number one growler filler. So come in and get a pint.

New Beer Release: Winter Warmer

Just in time for the 5 minutes we call winter in California, we introduce our Winter Warmer. The perfect way to warm you up this holiday season. It's a deep red, richly malty beer that is spiced with nutmeg, fenugreek, and cardamom with hefty chunk of jaggery added to the fermentation.

8% ABV  45 IBU

New Cask Release: It Only Hurts at First

It only Hurts at First Stout is The Imp with Birdseye peppers and Thai Chilis. If you like a little spice in your life this is the beer for you. At the first sip you don't get any of the heat from the pepper's instead you get Coffee and Chocolate, it's not till you swallow that you can feel the Spicy Chilis burn your throat and tear'a of sweat form on your forehead.

New Beer Release: The Imp

The Imp is a Whiskey Barrel Aged Imperial Belgian Stout that is very dark with a light tan head. Coming in at 10% ABV with aromas of oak, chocolate, coffee and coconut.



New Beer Release: Jack Hell

If your in the Fall spirit then this is the beer for you. We made a Pumpkin Porter to fit all your Halloween and Thanksgiving needs. 6%

New Beer Release: Dubbel Trubbel

The Dubbel Trubbel is a traditional Belgian Dubbel that is rich and malty with a slight spiciness. Flavors of carmel and dark candied sugar. 7.1 % alcohol

New Cask Release: Fruity Wit'D Orange

In this cask we experimented and used our Witbier, the Wit D'Orange, and through in a bunch Strawberries, Mango, Peaches, Pineapple, and Grapes. The outcome is a refreshingly crisp fruity beer at 5.7% ABV.

New Beer Release: Union Ale


Union Ale- A malty and nutty Belgian Amber ale. Clean, well balanced bitterness with spicy accents from Styrian Aurora hops. This beer will pair well with almost any food and be pleasant to almost any pallet. Originally developed as a beer for a friends wedding, a real crowd pleaser. ABV 5.6%, IBU:35

New Beer Release: Windfall India Wheat Ale


Windfall India Wheat Ale- A very hoppy, yet well balanced beer. Containing about 40% wheat this beer is has a characteristic haze and thick white foamy head. It utilizes an eclectic mix of flavor hops in the kettle such as Ahtanum, Glacier, and Delta with a large addition of Seven C's for aroma. Dry hopped with Mosaic, Galaxy, and Centennial this beer packs a wonderful mix of fruity, citrus, and floral aromas. It's moderately dry finish makes this beer dangerously drinkable even at a hefty. 7.8% ABV, OG: 1.073, IBU: 72

New Beer Release: Blonde


Blonde- A lightly malty and refreshing beer with subtle spicey hoppyness and mellow, well-balanced bitterness. ABV 5.4%, OG 1.053, 28 IBU's

New Beer Release: Simmtennial Pale Ale


Simmtennial Pale AleAn dry and aggressively hoppy pale ale, with large doses of Simcoe and Centennial hops. Full copper color with underpinning of biscuit and light caramel give a base for the hops to shine through.ABV 6.0%, O.G. 1.053 

New Beer Release: TTT Saison


TTT Saison-  TTT Saison is a great summer drinking beer. The nose is full of bubble gum, banana, citrus and spice which follow through the mid palate and finishes with a dry clean lemon citrus flavor. Oats was added to the mash to give this beer a nice white fluffy head. ABV 7%, OG 1.062, IBU 14

New Beer Release: Burst


Burst is a hoppy Belgian beer. We took a strong grain bill, added a lot of fruity hops and threw in some Belgian yeast. The result is a light, dry, fruity beer. The nose is very complex , full of yeast and bright citrus characters. The palate is full , dry with lots of yeasty esters and bright citrus flavors.The finish is very dry with a sweet lingering fruity hop flavor.         O.G. 1.070, I.B.U. 59, Alc. 8.7%


New Beer Release: I Love Gold


I Love Gold, is a Belgian Strong Golden Ale. It is the same recipe as Clarity, the only difference is that we switched the base malt to Pilsen malt; creating a dryer, slightly lower alcohol beer. The nose is full of Belgian yeast esters and there is a slight sweetness on the front palate, followed by a heavy yeast character. The finish is dry with a touch of candy sweetness. O.G. 1.068, I.B.U. 20, Alc. 8.27%