Micro-Distillery Spirit Tasting September 19th @7:00pm

Micro-Distillery Spirit Tasting!!!


Wednesday September 19th Time: 7pm to 9pm

Limited seating available

Many boutique micro-distilleries cannot pay their bills from just their whisky sales alone, so they create other, more unusual, micro-spirits to help. For example: a spruce gin aged in pinot noir barrels, smoked corn whisky, pot distilled rum, and the world's first hemp vodka. With these products, micro-distilleries hope to carve their own unique niche in the spirits world.

Join Marty and his special guest Chris Uhde of Impex Beverages for this exciting tasting:

Chris Uhde

West Coast brand Ambassador for Impex Beverages and the Scotch Expert for the United Scottish Society of Southern California, Santa Clarita Wine Fest and LA Wine Fest. He has 11 years in the Spirits industry and travels throughout the West Coast educating both retailers and consumers about the process of making and drinking fine whiskey.

Together, they will be showcasing the following:

Alaska Perma Frost Potato Vodka- A true micro-distilled vodka from Alaska

Alaska Purgatory Hemp Vodka- The world's first vodka distilled from hemp seeds

Corsair Wry Moon Kentucky Rye Whisky- Made with a combination of chocolate and regular rye

MB Roland Black Dog Kentucky Corn Whisky- White corn mesquite smoked in tobacco houses

Alaska Bristol Bay Gin- 17 different botanicals, produced using glacial water

Rogue Oregon Pink Spruce Gin- A spruce gin aged in pinot noir barrels

Corsair Tennessee Genever Malted Barley Gin- Micro Distilled "Dutch Courage"

Prichard's Tennessee Crystal Rum- 5 times pot distilled rum made from the best materials available

Date: Wednesday September 19th Time: 7pm to 9pm
Cost: $29.99+tax includes cheese & crackers
Location: Malibu Sundowner Tasting Room

30961 West Agoura Rd #323 Westlake Village, CA 91361

For reservations please call: 818-706-180

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