Institution Ale Beer Tasting 10/3-10/6

Well, it finally happened. After a year of speculation and waiting, Wades Wines' own, Ryan and Shaun have opened their own Camarillo based brewery, Institution Ale Company. The brewery was named after the former state psychiatric institution formally located nearby. The two brothers have teamed up with their father to bring hand crafted and uncompromised west coast style ales to Ventura County. We will be pouring three of their flagship beers and one seasonal Porter. Come into Wades, try their beers, and get institutionalized.

1. Institution Ale Co. - Sedation

Session Red Ale - Camarillo, California (4.0% alc.)

2. Institution Ale Co. - Ratched Rye Porter

Rye Porter - Camarillo, California (7.0% alc.)

3. Institution Ale Co. - Restraint

Brown Ale Aged on Hard Maple Wood - Camarillo, California (6.0% alc.)

4. Institution Ale Co. - IPA

IPA - Camarillo, California (7.5% alc.)


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