Lagunitas Brewing Beer Tasting 7/25-7/28

Petaluma, California based Lagunitas Brewing Company was founded in 1993. Since then they have been one of the fastest-growing craft breweries in the United States. They are known for iconoclastic interpretations of traditional beer styles, and irreverent descriptive text and stories on their packaging.

1. Lagunitas - IPA

Imperial Pale Ale - Petaluma, California (6.2% alc.)

2. Lagunitas - Hop Stoopid

Double Imperial Pale Ale - Petaluma, California (8.0% alc.)

3. Lagunitas - Under Cover Investigation Shut-down

American Strong Ale - Petaluma, California (9.7% alc.)

4. Lagunitas - Olde Gnarly Wine

Barleywine - Petaluma, California (10.6% alc.)


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