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After completing the Court of Masters Certified Sommelier Wine program, Alyssa started working at Wades Wines and Malibu Sundowner Tasting Room.  With over 100 beers on tap, she had the opportunity to taste a large variety of styles from different local micro-breweries and meet some serious beer aficionados, home brewers and assorted beer geeks. She also started working with Todd, the head of the beer department and head of the local home brew club. Todd’s passion for home brewing began during his college days in San Diego (microbrew Mecca). These experiences kindled her interest in beer and brewing. When Todd and Alyssa had the opportunity to go to beer camp at Sierra Nevada and brew their own private batch, she felt confident enough to open her own micro-brewery.  With Todd as the head brewer, the Sundowner Brewery was formed.

The Brewery flourished and Todd's brewing skills increased. When Todd was offered a prestigious Assistant Brewmaster position at the famed Stone Brewing Co., he recommended fellow Thousand Oaked home brew club member Steve Hall to replace him.

Under Steve's guidance, the beer selection grew to include barrel aged and cask beers. We look forward to new brews about once a month to complement the favorites that have a continuing following.

Our Beers

My First Was a Blonde - The first beer we released is our take on a fall blonde. Brewed in the hot days at the end of August, this is a summer beer for drinking in the cooler days of fall. We add a small amount of crystal malt to give this beer a darker color than your average blonde ale. Light sweet malt greets you on the nose with a palate full of tropical fruit. The beer has a clean dry finish, with some lingering hops at the end. This is an easy drinker for the fall months. ABV 5.1%, OG 1.050, IBU 16.2

Big Fella Brown Ale - ABV 6%, OG 1.057, IBU 18.8

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Black Soul Stout - Black Soul Stout pours out as dark as night, with a nice mocha beige head. The nose is a lot of bitter chocolate and burnt aromas. The bitter chocolate continues onto the mid palate, and the burnt, roasty flavors round out the finish. This is a lighter body stout that is low in alcohol and finishes dry. ABV 6.2%, OG 1.065, IBU 12  

Gold in the American-Style Stout  Category in the 2013 Los Angeles International Beer Competition


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Barleywine - Sundowner Barleywine was brewed with the anticipation of aging. When fermentation was complete we tasted and it was very smooth and malty. We put one keg on fresh and stashed a the rest away for another time. Keep an eye out as this beer will make random appearances in the future. Extremely smooth with out any alcoholic burn, the flavors you get are sweet with a touch of hops, and a silky mouth feel. This beer will continue to develop and change as it ages. ABV 9%, OG 1.082, IBU 21 

30K IPA - This beer was brewed with mass amounts of Bravo & Super Galena hops throughout the boil, and then heavily dry hopped with the very aromatic Simcoe hop, lending it a very fruit filled citrus nose. This beer was released a couple days after Kobe Bryant hit his 30,000th career point, so we decided to say thanks to him and name this west coast IPA in honor of his special achievement.  ABV 7%, OG 1.064, IBU 92

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Big Wheat - This beer has no real “style”. An amber colored beer brewed with 45% Pilsen Malt, 39% White Wheat, and 16% Crystal 45. We added low amounts of Super Galena and Columbus hops during the boil. This beer came out very clean and higher in Alcohol than we had anticipated. After fermentation was done we tasted this beer and it was lacking something. A few days before we had received a hop order of 7 C’s. If you’re not familiar with this hop blend it contains 7 different C hops: Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, Citra, Cluster, Columbus, and Crystal. The heavy fruity, citrus, spicy, and earthy aroma this hop imparts seemed a perfect fit for a large amount of dry hopping. Big Wheat plays a bit of a trick, it looks and smells like a double IPA but has none of the bitterness associated with the style. You get a lot of the fruit from the hops up front then smooth sweet malt on the back, with just a pinch of warming. ABV 7.9%, OG 1.073, IBU 17.5 

Silver in the Other Strong Beers Category in the 2013 Los Angeles International Beer Competition



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Rosewood Brown IPA - Rosewood Brown IPA is brewed with a small amount of chocolate, roasted barley, and crystal 45 malts. Rosewood had a 90 minute boil and 5 different hop additions using 7 C’s and Simcoe hops. It was then dry hopped with a pound of 7 C’s & Simcoe to make this beer smell like a chocolate covered grapefruit. The dark flavors that do come through on the mid-palate are more on the chocolate side rather than roasted or burnt. This beer is light bodied with an intense hop bitterness that sticks to your cheeks. ABV 6.2%, OG 1.065, IBU 77



36 Red - 36 Red is a west coast style red ale. Brewed on 12-12-12 this is where the name 36 Red comes from. Brewed 100% with centennial hops this beer has a thick bouquet of floral aromas that greet you on the nose. The front of the palate is full of hops with a slight bready, sweet malt character on the back. The bitterness is medium and the hops stick to your tongue on the finish. Very clean and dry this is a nice beer for a pint. ABV 7.9%, OG 1.073, IBU 71.3


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Jupiter- Jupiter is a Belgian style IPA, the aroma of fresh cut tropical pineapple, mango and guava dominate the nose. Sweet hoppy flavors run through the mid-palate. The finish is dry with a slight sweetness. This beer is heavy on the dry hopping, we used 6 different hops that totaled 18 ounces. Due to the variety of hops used, the nose & palate are extremely complex and change as the beer warms up. This is truly a beer to sip and enjoy the nuances of the hops and the Belgian yeast as they play off of each other. ABV 7.48%, OG 1.073, IBU 66.

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Mattingly Wheat- Mattingly is a beer we brewed in anticipation of warmer weather. An American wheat beer, Mattingly is extremely drinkable and light bodied. The nose is full of wheat and a fruit-loop style fruitiness. The mouth feel is a slight grainy, with sugary fruit notes. The finish is dry with a slight bubble gum lingering hoppiness. This easy drinker will put you in the mood for warmer weather and the start of baseball season. ABV 5.75%, OG 1.055, IBU 15.

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Jupiter Wheat- Jupiter Wheat is an extremely special blend of our 2 most recent beer releases. We blended 1 five gallon keg with 50% Jupiter and 50% Mattingly. The finished result is an easy drinking hoppy wheat beer. The nose is dominated by the hops from Jupiter, pineapple, guava, with a little wheat in the back. The palate is full of fruity hops, the mouth feel is slightly grainy and finishes dry and clean. Try each of these beers individually and then taste them blended together. ABV 6.61%, OG 1.064, IBU 41.

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Sailor Stout- Sailor Stout is a Belgian-Style stout. We took a full bodied American stout grain bill, added a decent amount of Apollo and Columbus hops, a small amount of candied sugar, we then fermented with a Belgian Abbey yeast strain. The final product is a full bodied stout that is heavy on the chocolate and coffee notes. The nose is full of coffee and chocolate, with just a hint of roast. The palate is full bodied with chocolate and coffee. The finish is dry with some hop bitterness.  ABV 5.7%, OG 1.069, IBU 68.



Brutus D.I.P.A.- This classic west coast double IPA holds true to the style, with a heavy dose of fruity hops all over the beer. Brutus had a 90 minute boil with the majority of the hops added in the last thirty minutes. Then dry hopped for 11 days with all the same hops that we used in the boil. Brutus is hopped with equal amounts of Apollo, Bravo, 7 C’s, and Delta hops. The nose is bright and full of fruit, some tangerine, orange, pear, and kumquats dominate the pleasant aroma. As the beer warms up the complex nose evolves. The flavor follows suit to the nose, lots of citrus fruits, with very low hop bitterness. The body is very dry and you really get all the hop bitterness on the back as the hop oils stick to your cheeks on the finish. Brutus finishes extremely dry and hides the 9.17% alcohol extremely well. Brutus is the perfect Double IPA as the weather warms up, refreshing, and extremely drinkable.  ABV 9.2%, OG 1.087, IBU 82.



31K IPA- 31K is a retake on 30K IPA. We adjusted the grain bill and tweaked the hopping schedule. We added Bravo, Super Galena, and Simcoe hops in the boil. We then dry hopped with all 3 hops. The nose is bright and tropical, dominated by mango, pineapple, and hints of peach. Peach and pineapple run through the palate, with a nice dry mouth feel. The finish is dry with a fruity hop bitterness. ABV 8.3%, OG 1.075, IBU 82.


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Clarity- Clarity is a Belgian Strong Golden Ale. A light malt backbone and light hop profile allows the yeast shines through this beer. The Belgian Bastogne Ale yeast we used to ferment this beer produces hints of fruit and banana on the nose. It is medium bodied, with a heavy yeast character, and a slight acidity in the finish. The beer finishes very dry with a bready aftertaste. The yeast hides the high alcohol very well, and makes this very drinkable. ABV 9%, OG 1.078, IBU 20.



Palaeosaurus Pale Ale- Palaeosaurus Pale Ale is made for the long days of summer. The Munich malt gives this beer a bright orange color. The aroma is full of orange peel and guava, with a subtle malt character. Palaeosaurus uses a combination of four hops types, Cloumbus, Super Galena, Apollo and Delta. There were two hop additions during the boil. The body is full, with a dry, clean finish. The malts and hops stick to the back of your palate. This is a great beer to cool down with. ABV 6.1%, OG 1.065, IBU 39


I Love Gold- I Love Gold, is a Belgian Strong Golden Ale. It is the same recipe as Clarity, the only difference is that we switched the base malt to Pilsen malt; creating a dryer, slightly lower alcohol beer. The nose is full of Belgian yeast esters and there is a slight sweetness on the front palate, followed by a heavy yeast character. The finish is dry with a touch of candy sweetness. ABV 8.27%, OG 1.068, IBU 20.


Burst- Burst is a hoppy Belgian beer. We took a strong grain bill, added a lot of fruity hops and threw in some Belgian yeast. The result is a light, dry, fruity beer. The nose is very complex , full of yeast and bright citrus characters. The palate is full , dry with lots of yeasty esters and bright citrus flavors.The finish is very dry with a sweet lingering fruity hop flavor. ABV 8.7%, OG 1.070, IBU 59.



TTT Saison- TTT Saison is a great summer drinking beer. The nose is full of bubble gum, banana, citrus and spice which follow through the mid palate and finishes with a dry clean lemon citrus flavor. Oats was added to the mash to give this beer a nice white fluffy head. ABV 7%, OG 1.062, IBU 14


Simmtennial Pale Ale- An dry and aggressively hoppy pale ale, with large doses of Simcoe and Centennial hops. Full copper color with underpinning of biscuit and light caramel give a base for the hops to shine through.  ABV 6.0%, O.G. 1.053


Sundowner Blonde- A lightly malty and refreshing beer with subtle spicey hoppyness and mellow, well-balanced bitterness. ABV 5.4%, OG 1.053, 28 IBU's


Windfall India Wheat Ale- A very hoppy, yet well balanced beer. Containing about 40% wheat this beer is has a characteristic haze and thick white foamy head. It utilizes an eclectic mix of flavor hops in the kettle such as Ahtanum, Glacier, and Delta with a large addition of Seven C's for aroma. Dry hopped with Mosaic, Galaxy, and Centennial this beer packs a wonderful mix of fruity, citrus, and floral aromas. It's moderately dry finish makes this beer dangerously drinkable even at a hefty. ABV 7.8%, O.G. 1.073, IBU 72


Union Ale- A malty and nutty Belgian Amber ale. Clean, well balanced bitterness with spicy accents from Styrian Aurora hops. This beer will pair well with almost any food and be pleasant to almost any pallet. Originally developed as a beer for a friends wedding, a real crowd pleaser. ABV 5.6%, IBU:35

Bitch Blonde -This is a one of our core beers, easy drinking with great flavors. Light with a slight maltiness and bitchy bitterness.  Coming in at 5.6%

Dubbel Trubbel -The Dubbel Trubbel is a traditional Belgian Dubbel that is rich and malty with a slight spiciness. Flavors of carmel and dark candied sugar. 7.1 % alcohol

Abbey Rose - The Abbey Rose is a Syrah Barrel aged Belgian Dark Strong Ale that is 11.2 % ABV. The beer is clear deep amber with a light creamy tan head. The Aroma/ Palate is sweet and malty with rose like dried fruit (plum/raisin).  Low IBUs with a strong flavors from the Tensley Syrah barrel.

Jack Hell - If your in the Fall spirit then this is the beer for you. We made a Pumpkin Porter to fit all your Halloween and Thanksgiving needs. 6%

The IMP - The IMP is a Whiskey Barrel Aged Imperial Belgian Stout that is very dark with a light tan head. Coming in at 10% ABV with aromas of oak, chocolate, coffee and coconut.

Winter Warmer - Just in time for the 5 minutes we call winter in California, we introduce our Winter Warmer. The perfect way to warm you up this holiday season. It's a deep red, richly malty beer that is spiced with nutmeg, fenugreek, and cardamom with hefty chunk of jaggery added to the fermentation.

8% ABV  45 IBU

Steely IPA - This IPA has high amounts of late addition (fruit, citrus and grapefruit) styled hops. Then it is dry-hopped with earthy and resinous hops (7c's, centennial, cascade, Amarillo, falconers), lastly it's dry hopped with Apollo, 7c's and Columbus.

Heaven Hill The IMP - If The IMP wasn't good enough we took some of the original batch and aged it in Heaven Hill Barrels for months. The results an amazing smooth Imperial Stout with alot of Bourbon characters.